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Corporate Diseases

Corporate Necrosis

Early symptoms of potential business failure.

Comfort Comma

Lack of staff motivation or top management don't want to change.

Sales Constipation

 Unsuccessful efforts to increase sales due to competition or bad pipelines.

Split Personality

There‚Äôs a vision but people understand it differently or they don't believe it at all.

Office Planktonification

 Unambitious employees that execute tasks with no hopes of achieving anything.

Hierarchy Syndrome

 Decisions made only by superiors, a process that often fails to deliver results.

Startup Diseases

Funding Collapse

Lack of sufficient funds or loss of potential profitable deals.

Structural Sclerosis

Flawed or insufficient internal organisational structure.

Data Arthritis

Non-existent, incomplete or not easily available data when needed.

Decision-Making Myopia

Inability to make the right decisions due to lack of experience and expertise.

Talent Deficiency

Shortage of experienced employees or lack of team entrepreneurial spirit.

Exposure Paralysis

Inability to find the right distribution outlets or cannot reach the right audience.

We Do

Corporate Transformation

Sick corporations turned into cool Tech Frankensteins made with unicorpses' best body parts stitched together, reinforced with kevlar, agility and radical pivotability.

Startup Acceleration

Malnourished startups get the proper booster shots to penetrate international markets, fuel, launch, pivot and successfully exit their ventures.


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